The apple of my eye…

For his art homework my son was given the task of drawing his own eye; so we thought the best way to do this was for me to take a photo of his eye for him to work from. I then decided to have a little play around with the photograph and these are the results.

My blue eyed boy

Soft eye

Sepia eye

The world through a child’s eyes is so different from that of an adult’s…oh to be thirteen again!



from my mum’s garden.

The smell is incredible…I have decided lilac is one of my new favourite blooms.

Lilac 1

Lilac 2

Lilac 3

Have a great Friday and weekend x


Past days

So hey a fortnight has passed…time flies doesn’t it? Here are some images from those days…

Apple blossom May 2013

Leaves May 2013

Mr. Snail May 2013

Peach sky and blossom

Ginger cat May 2013

I hope you are having a great week so far and thanks for stopping by xx


April 26

Childhood. Pooh…almost loved to death but still life in the old bear yet!

Fat Mum Slim April Photo A Day Challenge



April 23 to 25

Just catching up with Fat Mum Slim April Photo A Day Challenge

April 23. Time.

Nearly Time for Home

April 24. I saw this person today.

Today I saw this person

Day 25. Life is…

April 2013 274


April 22

Blurry. Today’s word. Fat Mum Slim April Photo A Day Challenge

Blur 3


April 21

Today’s word is  f i r e  so here is a little fire fighter…thank goodness for Lego!

Fat Mum Slim April Photo A Day Challenge

April 2013 235



Holding you in my hand

I feel the sea

I hear the sea

I smell the sea

gingerboyphotographs 042

gingerboyphotographs 044

gingerboyphotographs 046

gingerboyphotographs 060

gingerboyphotographs 061

gingerboyphotographs 063

gingerboyphotographs 049

gingerboyphotographs 051

gingerboyphotographs 058

gingerboyphotographs 057

gingerboyphotographs 052


April 20

Today I photographed shells. I had the seaside on my mind.

On your mind; the theme for today’s FMS April Photo A Day Challenge