April 23 to 25

Just catching up with Fat Mum Slim April Photo A Day Challenge

April 23. Time.

Nearly Time for Home

April 24. I saw this person today.

Today I saw this person

Day 25. Life is…

April 2013 274


days 29 to 31

Well blow me down with a feather it’s February…okay so what did you do with January? Did you hide it somewhere? Simply cannot believe how fast the last month has gone!

Here are my last 3 images for photo a day January…


Growing up

A shelf in my son’s room…signs of growing up.


Down on the ground looking up.


I did look like a boy in dress when I was 3 : )

Have a really wonderful weekend!

s n o w (part II)

It hasn’t snowed again yet, as forecast, and it does seem to be melting a little which makes me sad because I just love how pretty it makes everything look. I took some more photos this morning and the light was better but somehow it didn’t make for better images than the day before, when the light was a lot duller? The last two images are the better ones from today and have been given a warmer hue to thaw you out from the first three.

I think I have the snow images out of my system now but who knows, if it snows again there may be more!

Thanks everyone for liking, commenting on and following this new blog yesterday; you are all so lovely x

Walking the dog

Crossing paths

Trees, people and snow

Into the trees

Row of houses