days 24 to 28

Here are the latest of my photographs for the fat mum slim challenge for January…I found some of these hard due to bad light and being at work but here goes; they are:


Striped PJs

Landscape Lego


Sun 1

Day 28 Through

Only three more left now for January…I think I will carry on in February as I do enjoy the challenge!

Have a great week!


t o d a y 25.1.2013

My boy had a day home from school today so we chilled (were very lazy), made and ate soup (need to find time to do this more often), had a lovely walk (freezing) and ‘chilled’ some more. Hope you’ve had a great Friday too? It’s just after 10.00pm here and the snow is coming down thick and fast. If you have snow where you are I hope you stay warm and have a cosy weekend.

Homemade soup

Pampas grass winter landscape

Tracks in the snow

days 18 to 23

As most things photographic have  moved over to this new blog from here I am now posting all my fat mum slim photo a day challenge images here. I have found this challenge very inspiring and I think it has helped me realise how much taking photographs means to me. I last posted some on the 17 January so here are the latest 6; they are:

shadow…delicious…something I saw…what I do…corner…electric.

Shadow 2


Something I saw 1

What I do

Corner pocket 1

Lamp in ipad

Have a great rest of the week : )

s n o w (part II)

It hasn’t snowed again yet, as forecast, and it does seem to be melting a little which makes me sad because I just love how pretty it makes everything look. I took some more photos this morning and the light was better but somehow it didn’t make for better images than the day before, when the light was a lot duller? The last two images are the better ones from today and have been given a warmer hue to thaw you out from the first three.

I think I have the snow images out of my system now but who knows, if it snows again there may be more!

Thanks everyone for liking, commenting on and following this new blog yesterday; you are all so lovely x

Walking the dog

Crossing paths

Trees, people and snow

Into the trees

Row of houses

s n o w

Hello and welcome to my new blog which will now be the new home for my photographs. As you may or may not know I love taking photographs and always have my camera with me. I hope you will enjoy my images as much as I like taking them.

We woke up this morning to some pretty heavy snowfall here in Yorkshire and I for one was very happy. These images were taken on my walk to work and have all had some degree of treatment in PicMonkey.

Snowy path 2

Snowy benches 2

Two friends in heavy snow 3

I love how this blue hue makes this photograph feel so cold.

Snow covered tree

All these images are taken in my favourite park.