Oh my goodness! I haven’t blogged for so long I had almost forgotten what to do!

My absence has just been life…what can I say? I know you will understand exactly what I mean…there are not enough hours in a day!

Anyway, we have had a holiday and it was lovely so I would just like to share a few photos with you…

Alnmouth Beach where river meets sea


View of houses from Alnmouth Beach

Three generations paddling...look at those legs

Grassy dunes

Through the grass from the beach

Long sunny beach

This is the cottage we stayed in just in case you are interested, it was a beautiful place and located very centrally and I would recommend it to anyone. It had everything  you could possibly need and on arrival we found milk, orange juice, biscuits and a bottle of wine.

It really was all about the beaches and a few castles thrown in for good measure. Northumberland is stunning and the people are very friendly. Their is so much to do and so many places waiting to be discovered…we really loved it! I also just want to mention The Sun Inn in Alnmouth…we had a wonderful friendly welcome there and the food was lovely!

I can’t end without mentioning a lovely chap, Tom Fleming, who we met on the beach at Newbiggin-by-the-Sea…he was so interesting and a real gentleman; you can read more about him here. He even gave us a few prints out of the boot of his car…thanks Tom!

I hope you have all been having a fantastic summer…I can’t believe it is almost September!

Have a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “Northumberland

  1. Hello dear Jane !
    I’ve wondered if you had left the blogworld, but thankfully you haven’t !!! I’ve missed you, and I hope life’s been treating you well.
    Wishing you a wonderful end of August, and a great come back to school to your big boy ! xoxo

    • Oh my dear Sonia! I have been a terribly bad blogger these past months! I haven’t blogged or visited anyone for ages! I am going to endeavor to catch up as soon as I can. What can I say…life just ran away with me!!

      I am very well and I hope that you and your lovely family are too? Thanks so much for checking in on me and I am still very much here…well not here so much but…well you know what I mean!

      Wishing your boys a good return to school too! J is not impressed at all that there is only one week left of the holidays!!

      Take care my friend xxxx

  2. Hi Jane! I am so happy to see you! I have been very absent as well…I completely understand!
    Your holiday sounds lovely. How nice that you were greeted with goodies and wine! Mr. Fleming’s calligraphy is beautiful. I am so glad you met him… it’s things that that that make a vacation even better!
    Your boy is growing up! I just know he and my son would have the best time together. We still build sand castles and jump waves at the beach. Being a teenager has not stopped that:)
    Much love, sweet friend!

    • Hello my wonderful friend Elizabeth! So good to hear from you : )))) It really was a great holiday…the beaches are just lovely! How have you been? Great I hope! I have missed you : ) I am sure too that our boys would get on and yes the teens have not taken over completely yet…beaches are still a hit!! I hope you too have had a great summer…I am so sad it is nearly over for another year but hey Autumn is always a great season! So, so happy to hear from you!! Lots of love to you too…Jane xxxxx

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