Clematis 2


Gypsophila 2

Broken web

I hope you had a great weekend too?

J x


April 20

Today I photographed shells. I had the seaside on my mind.

On your mind; the theme for today’s FMS April Photo A Day Challenge



April 11

Today the word we are photographing is  d e t a i l  which could have been so many things but I chose these amazing peacock feathers…mother nature creates so many beautiful things doesn’t she?

Have an amazing day!


Part of FMS April photo a day.


April 6

Today the word is  a i r  and we’ve been out in it a lot today. We have family visiting and it’s so good to see cousins having fun together. The air I am using for today’s photograph was this evening’s as the sun was going down…lovely : )

I hope you had a great Saturday too?

Evening air

Part of FMS April photo a day.


Mother Nature’s beautiful reward

At the end of a very grey Sunday, and week for that matter, Mother Nature rewarded us by clearing the sky and leaving us with this stunning sunset.

at last the sun came out

sunset over the rooftops

sunset through the shrubs

soft pastel sky

soft sunset

I hope you’ve had some sun this weekend? Have a fantastic week ahead!