April 13

V i e w   f r  o m  y o u r  b e d – today’s photo challenge. We’ve had a fantastic Saturday so far,  getting up late after a good sleep and the sun is shining…feels good!

Happy Saturday : )

View from my bed

Part of FMS April photo a day.


April 11

Today the word we are photographing is  d e t a i l  which could have been so many things but I chose these amazing peacock feathers…mother nature creates so many beautiful things doesn’t she?

Have an amazing day!


Part of FMS April photo a day.

April 6

Today the word is  a i r  and we’ve been out in it a lot today. We have family visiting and it’s so good to see cousins having fun together. The air I am using for today’s photograph was this evening’s as the sun was going down…lovely : )

I hope you had a great Saturday too?

Evening air

Part of FMS April photo a day.

April 3

Today’s word is  something beginning with ‘A’ – so as the sky has been so lovely today and it is April I decided on April sky!

I hope the sky is blue where you are : )

April sky

Part of FMS April photo a day.

I loved this song when I was younger http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPPP3BXurHk and it’s very appropriate!

days 29 to 31

Well blow me down with a feather it’s February…okay so what did you do with January? Did you hide it somewhere? Simply cannot believe how fast the last month has gone!

Here are my last 3 images for photo a day January…


Growing up

A shelf in my son’s room…signs of growing up.


Down on the ground looking up.


I did look like a boy in dress when I was 3 : )

Have a really wonderful weekend!