I have never felt so happy…

…to see the sun.

Seriously people it has been getting me down…I am not alone I know. Everyone seems so fed up and I know talking about the weather all the time is a bit middle-aged (well, I am!) but it is about time the sun came out, and when it did, I basked in it. I was taking photos out of the back window and couldn’t help but lay on the bed and soak up the rays…so good : )

Anyway, here are  few images from last week and a few from today…what a difference a week makes!

Happy Easter!

It's snowing again

Snow on a shrub

So happy to see you

Sunlight through aqua vase


2 thoughts on “I have never felt so happy…

  1. Such lovely photos! We are finally seeing sunshine here! And I know just what you mean… Too many days of gray skies is depressing. Amazing how sunshine can put a spring in your step!
    Have a Happy Easter, too!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  2. It certainly is amazing Elizabeth! The weather has been so unseasonably cold here in the UK…poor birds don’t know what to do…to nest or not to nest that is the question! Glad to hear you have sunshine and I hope you and your lovely family enjoy a wonderful Easter xxxx

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