I made some chocolate chip and mini marshmallow muffins earlier today and took some images with a new camera I have bought. Still getting to grips with it but it does seem to be taking good pictures, especially close up…we will see how I get on.

Hope you’re having a  s w e e t  day?

Mini marshmallow soft

Mini marshmallows in a bowl

Mini marshmallows pink and white

Chocolate chips in bowl

Chocolate chips

Mini marshmallow & chocolate chip muffins


6 thoughts on “Sweet

  1. Hi Esther and thanks! The new camera is a bridge camera, a Nikon Coolpiix L810. I wanted one that would take good close ups and with a good zoom and it seems to be doing the job! It was a reasonable price too! Hope you are having a good day? Jane
    : )

    • thanks for the information. i would love to hear how your camera is doning. i think bridge camera’s are just great in what they do. my favorite brand is nikon. nit i’m stick to it, but i am interested in what they can do for you :-)) and yes i have a nice day, although it’s raining cats and dogs all afternoon. 🙂 i finished another pattern and that’s always a joyful moment, don’t you think? 🙂

  2. Oh la la … yet another batch of delicious muffins !!! And I haven’t baked any in ages ! You’ve inspired me to bake some next week ! 🙂
    New camera ?! Wonderful ! I bet you’re so excited about it ! I know I was when I changed mine two years ago !

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