s n o w

Hello and welcome to my new blog which will now be the new home for my photographs. As you may or may not know I love taking photographs and always have my camera with me. I hope you will enjoy my images as much as I like taking them.

We woke up this morning to some pretty heavy snowfall here in Yorkshire and I for one was very happy. These images were taken on my walk to work and have all had some degree of treatment in PicMonkey.

Snowy path 2

Snowy benches 2

Two friends in heavy snow 3

I love how this blue hue makes this photograph feel so cold.

Snow covered tree

All these images are taken in my favourite park.


6 thoughts on “s n o w

    • Hi Liz, such kind words thank you so much!! I just really love taking photos and having a play around with them. I’d love a new snazzy camera but I need to save up for that! Hope you are doing great!! Jane xx

    • Thanks very much for your lovely comments Jeyna!! I am so happy that you took the time to look at my new blog and I hope you stop by again sometime. I look forward to reading your blog too. Jane : )

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